Smart Sun Energy

“MNRE approved Vendor for TANGEDCO”

About Us

Smart Sun Energy, a name synonymous with excellence and innovation, is proud to celebrate 30 years of industry leadership. With an illustrious history in Inverters, Batteries, UPS solutions, and a legacy of reliability, we are embarking on an exciting new chapter in sustainable energy as we venture into Solar PhotoVoltaic Systems integration.

Company’s History

30 Years of Excellence

For more than a quarter century, Smart Sun Energy has been at the forefront of providing power solutions that ensure uninterrupted access to electricity, whether at home, in businesses, or across industries. Our years of experience have solidified our reputation for quality, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Our Evolution into Solar Photovoltaic System

As the world turns towards clean and renewable energy sources, we are thrilled to announce our entry into the Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) Systems integration sector. Building upon our expertise in power electronics and energy management, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art solar solutions that empower individuals and organizations to harness the sun’s energy efficiently.

Key Personnel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Professional Background: Ravichandra Muthukrishna has over 30 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Administration, Finance, and Service. His educational background includes a B.E. degree in Electronics & Communication and an M.B.A. degree specializing in Sales, Marketing, and Finance.

Professional Journey: He has showcased exceptional skills in Sales, Marketing, Administrative Leadership, Financial Expertise, and Service Excellence. His strategic vision, market expansion, financial stewardship, commitment to innovation and technology, and focus on service excellence has contributed to the success of Smart Sun Energy.

Key Contributions: He has shaped Smart Sun Energy’s strategic direction, overseen market expansion, ensured financial health, driven innovation and technology adoption, and achieved sustainable growth. His profound knowledge, multidisciplinary expertise, and visionary leadership make him a valuable leader in the renewable energy industry.

Techno-Commercial Consultant (TCC)

Professional Background: Pushparaj Kuppuswamy has a career spanning 30 years in Communication Engineering, SCADA, Controls Engineering, Commissioning Management, and BESS SCADA Integration & Implementation. He holds a B.E. in Electronics & Communication and an M.E. in Applied Electronics.

Professional Journey: He started as a Communication Engineer and then progressed to a Senior Engineer role in SCADA and Senior Controls Engineer (Automation & Monitoring). He served as a Commissioning Manager for Energy Storage and is currently the Manager for BESS SCADA Integration & Implementation.

Key Contributions and Expertise: His technical proficiency, commissioning management expertise, project leadership, and commitment to continuous learning have been key factors in his success. His role as a Techno Commercial Consultant for Smart Sun Energy allows him to utilize his experience and knowledge in the energy and industrial automation sector.

Our Mission

To provide Turnkey, Innovative, Cost-effective and Sustainable Solar Energy Solutions through excellence in Engineering, Procurement and Construction. To empower our Clients and Communities to embrace Clean Energy, reduce their Environmental footprint and create a Brighter and Sustainable future.


Our Vision

To be the Trusted Partner in Solar EPC, delivering projects that not only meet our Clients’ expectations but also demonstrate our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future


Our Values

Quality and Innovation: We aim for excellence in everything we do, delivering high quality solar solutions while embracing innovation to remain leaders in our field.

Sustainability: It is our core commitment, as we actively reduce our environmental impact and promote clean energy solutions.

Customer focus: Above all we prioritize our Clients, tailoring solutions to meet their unique energy needs and we do so with the utmost integrity.